1_15Plantagrafia.jpg is a site-specific visual plant dictionary that seeks to understand a specific IP address through observation and a dialogue with the plants present in the physical location of said address. 

The plants are divided in the structure of an IP address: there are Network and Host plants. The Network part refers to the plants that live in the general environment or community (outside the house), while the Host section ones are the plants that live indoors.


Each plant has entries in three different "languages", with the aim to include various perspectives and avoid important elements getting lost in human translation. These approaches or languages are: plantagraphs, a digital (as in from the fingers) representation of the plant's morphology and movements; photographs showing detail, color, light and texture; and plant fortunes, a message typed as a dialogue between the plant's movements and the phone's autocorrect. 

The dictionary uses Instagram's grid as blueprint for the construction of a digital garden. 


This piece was created in response to the massive digitalization derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the IP address became more relevant to daily activities (work, study, contact with friends and family, etc.)  than the physical address.

Year: 2020, 2020, photography, eyeshadow on paper, ink on paper, Instagram grid, images of 1080 x 1080 px each 

These videos show first understandings of different plants, imitating and following their morphologies and movements to establish a human-plant dialogue, in order to develop a language.