Beauty in the Everyday

Between the 1st and 3rd of April I took part in Open Collab's "Beauty in the Everyday". The workshops conducted by Open Collab invite participants to respond to a specific topic (this edition was about everyday beauty) by submitting images and texts to the platform. These are randomly combined, thus generating hundreds of image-text collaborations.

It was a very interesting experience: it gave me the chance to collaborate with designers and poets worldwide, creating a different combination of layers every time. In some posters, the elements match harmoniously in composition, color or topic; other times,  the elements don't fit perfectly together, but that only generates new perspectives and dialogues.

In addition to the design experience, it was nice and interesting to see both the common points and different perspectives towards everyday beauty.

Morning coffee, a sunny day, a rainy afternoon and a trip to the beach were some of the common points despite the geographical and cultural differences. 

The contact information for each participant is in the poster; it's in the same color as their contribution to the piece. It includes Instagram handle, city and country, and the date in which the text or image was uploaded to the platform. 

Year: 2021

Collaborative project in Open Collab

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