Club de la Avena

Driven by our love for oats' flavor and versatility, we designed the identity for a fictional club for us, as well as other fans of the cereal. 

Club de la Avena is an invitation-only club in which members earn their title by the amount of oats they eat in a month. The ranks are informed by the process and production names of the grain. 

In addition to the visual identity, we designed a line of oat-based products as exclusive merch for the club's members, e.g. tote bags, pins, oatmeal cookies, candles, and monthly subscription and gift boxes with various oat goodies. 

The identity's colors are in a warm-cold palette that reflects the cooking process for oats: water (cold) with heat. The hues, therefore, are both cold and warm. 

The font used for the logo is Domaine by Klim Type; a rounded and warm typography with medium-high contrast, reminiscent of the shape and characteristics of oats. It's combined with Beth Ellen by Rob Jelinski, a font with a homemade, individual and warm look. The type family used for text throughout the identity is Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky, a family with great versatility. 

Year: 2020-2021

Team: Mariana Montes & Luisa Vidales

Personal project