MINI 15th Anniversary Mexico 

During Strategic Design (course in university), we worked on a collaborative project with MINI México and Publicis México, with the aim to get to know the work methods in an advertising agency, the relationship between client and agency, and to gain experience in the field.

The brief required a proposal for a 360º advertising campaign divided in three phases (awareness, celebration and maintenance) with presence in three Mexican cities (Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey), in celebration of MINI's 15th anniversary in Mexico. 

My team and I (three graphic designers) developed a media guideline that went from June to December 2017 with presence on Spotify, Airbnb Experiences, Snapchat, simulators, photo booths, Instagram and two events (kick-off and closing of the campaign). 

We compressed the main concept that we used throughout our campaign proposal in a single slogan and hashtag: "15 años recorriendo México" (15 years traveling across Mexico). This phrase captures the freedom, adventure, versatility, optimism and minimalism in Mexico that we perceived as key words in the project.

The campaign was not used in its entirety by the client, but mixed with other proposals by other teams.

Year: 2017

Team: Pamela Jiménez, Paula Marini, Luisa Vidales

Project in Strategic Design (university course imparted by Enrique Boleaga), in collaboration with Publicis México (Rodolfo López Farfán) and MINI México (Ricardo Humphrey Martínez)

Spot proposal for Spotify. Recorded during a MINI Driving Experience