self-portrait of the commons

self-portrait of the commons is the construction of a space that might be used as a place of reflection for the spectator: it strives to be a starting point for a reconnection with the environment. It aims to erase the anthropocentric division between human-environment, shaping instead harmony and continuity: the individual as part of everything.


The visualization of this space started in a text written as a way of visualizing, imagining, understanding and interiorizing the concept of the commons based off research around the topic.

The place’s aesthetic is kaleidscopic: it presents reflections, aspects, shards of one entity.


Year: 2020

Piece created in Sensitization Workshop

(university course imparted by Carolina Alba) 

sociedad para archivar mail

Sociedad Para Archivar Mail (SPAM) 

Since 2018 I've been collecting spam; when I receive an email of this kind, I take screenshots of it and store them in a folder. 

In March 2021, I started a spam archive on Tumblr and Instagram with the aim to make my collection public, as well as collaborative: anyone can send screenshots of their spam to add it to the collection. 

Year: 2021

Personal project

sociedad para archivar mail

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