Taller Ruíz López

For our final college project, we built a growth strategy -in addition to a brand redesign proposal- for Taller Ruíz López, a ceramics workshop in Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca.

Our strategy proposal was LABoz del artesano, an interdisciplinary laboratory for Oaxacan artisans. This encapsulated Rufina Ruíz López's expressed desire to build opportunities for homeless youth, as well as her interest to build an interdisciplinary exchange with fellow artisans.

The laboratory is an experimenting place with a trial-and-error dynamic, with the objective to give Oaxacan artisans a place for self-expression.

It strives to generate a meeting point where artisans coming from different disciplines can exchange knowledge and form alliances. Additionally, it is associated with restaurants and galleries to provide new audience opportunities and selling points.

​To show the lab's connection to Taller Ruíz López, its visual identity has the same texture, but in black and white. The color choice has several reasons: firstly, to keep in line with the main brand's identity while being slightly different to show that it's derived, but not the same as Taller Ruíz López; secondly, to emphasize the lab as a meeting point where all the artisans and their trades get together (black and white are being seen as the combination of every color in the tangible world as well as the light, respectively). Lastly, it's a way to be more accesible: a home printer does the trick.

Year: 2019

Team: Tania Chapital (industrial design), Arantza Fueyo (textile design), Sergio Galaviz (industrial design), Marinieves Tejeda (fashion design), Luisa Vidales (graphic design), Sofía Villalobos (fashion design)

Project for Diseño Integral

(university course by Marimar Sanz and Paulina García)